Double Cleanse B*atches

If you’ve recently emerged from under a rock, then you haven’t been hearing the latest rage around the double cleanse method. Double what you say? Adopted in Asia as their de facto night time cleansing ritual, the US is just starting to get on the twice cleanse routine for effectively removing makeup and sunscreen.  

What is it?
Like the name implies, you wash your face twice. WTH?!?  I barely have time to wash my face once and now I gotta do it twice?  If you wear makeup and apply sunscreen every day (which you should), then the answer is “yes”.  The first step is with an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser.  

Why is this necessary?
Everyone knows that oil and water don’t mix but oil on oil does which is why the first step is with an oil-based cleanser to help break up the oil-based impurities, including sebum, sunscreen and makeup.  You ever wonder how some products say they are waterproof? That’s because they are oil-based and are not easily penetrable to water so using a water-based cleanser is like sending a platoon to take down Fort Sumter with a set of butter knives.  

The second step uses a water-based cleanser to remove sweat and remaining traces of oil, makeup or dirt not removed in the first step.  Using a oil-based cleanser first clears the way for the water-based cleanser to penetrate further for a deeper clean. 

This is how you can truly achieve a deep cleanse.  It is much more effective than using a harsh cleanser or wiping your skin with a strong alcohol-based cleanser.  A big no-no.  

What are the steps?
Step 1: Use a oil-based cleansing oil, balm, micellar water, or make-up remover. Margot prefers the micellar water method.  My favorite is the Moss Beurre Céleste Honey-Infused Rinsable Cleansing Balm. You scoop a little onto your finger and rub it on DRY skin. Just massage it all over your face and really work it in, including the eye area gently. I do this for about 15-20 seconds. Then I wet my hands and continue to rub my face and watch the oil emulsify into a light foam. I do this for about another 10-15 seconds. Next comes the best part. You can rinse your face with water. It’s a rinsable oil cleanser that washes away. Remember how I told you that oil and water don’t mix? Well this oil-based cleanser does when it transform into a foam. It’s a thing of beauty.

Step 2: After the cleansing oil, bring in the closer and use a water-based cleanser (gel, foam, cream). I have a rotation of water-based cleansers that I use but I’m currently using Ursa Majors Fantastic Face Wash. You don’t need a ton of product since the first step did most of the work. Apply and rinse with warm water and say ‘hello’ to bitchin' clean skin.

Beurre Céleste Honey-Infused Rinsable Cleansing Balm - $70

Beurre Céleste Honey-Infused Rinsable Cleansing Balm - $70

Fantastic Face Wash - $28

Fantastic Face Wash - $28


In the morning, skip the first step, and just use your regular water-based cleanser.  

If you have any doubts about whether it’s worth it to double cleanse or not, check out photos of my cotton balls after doing a single vs. double cleanse. Need I say more?  



Your numero uno double cleanse b-atch, Kim