Organic Soothing Gel • $45

Organic Soothing Gel • $45

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Dr. Alkaitis

Just as the name implies, this gel is all about bringing on the calm. Perfect oil-free moisture for oily skin, and a welcome relief for acne-prone or irritated skin.  2 oz.

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When it’s gotta be oil free
Sometimes more oil just isn’t want you want. Appealing liquid, dries quickly.

Anti-inflammatories all the way
Aloe moisturizes and soothes. Anti-inflammatories (witch hazel, chamomile and more) help de-stress aggravated and break-out prone skin, and get the red out.

Raw organic wild
Part of a skin care line originally crafted as a gift from a husband (and chemist and plant expert) to his wife. Designed with health top-of-mind. Raw, organic, biodynamic and wild-crafted whole plants. Preservative free. Made in California.

"I use the Purifying Facial Cleanser and Soothing Gel in the am and pm. The Soothing Gel has all the moisture my oily, sensitive skin needs. The product really does sooth my skin and seems to prevent any trace of acne. It's perfect for my skin and results are a toned, smooth, even complexion."  Reshauda @ Dr. Alkaitis

How to use
Apply a few drops on to your clean, toned skin using your fingertips. Apply your favorite sunscreen after gel.  If you have an oily skin you can use the gel as a moisturizer in place of a day or night cream to promote a smooth and balanced complexion.

Because the Organic Soothing Gel is created with living ingredients, always put a lid on the bottle after use to preserve the purity of your natural, organic product.

Special Use:
Apply to insect bites for relief from itching, sunburn or as a after shave/waxing balm to irritated skin.

Into a base of Aloe Vera Gel*, Witch Hazelº and Grape Alcohol* (from the fermentation of organically grown grapes) the following herbs are blended: Greater Nettle*, German Chamomileº, Myrrhº, European Elder*, Sweet Weed*, French Lavender*, Curacao Orange*, Benzoinº, Rosemary*, Olibanumº, Wild Fennelº, Balm Mint*, Sea Oakº, Atlantic Kelpº and Red Seaweedº. We also added natural vitamin B and C complexes and 100% pure essential oils.

*signifies certified organically grown, °signifies ethically wild-crafted.