Daily Basics

Easy as 1-2-3. Simple as do-re-mi.
— Michael Jackson, Jackson 5

01. Cleanse

Take off dirt and any extra oil without removing the layer of good, natural oils you need.

  • Wash in the morning, wash at night

  • Go for simple and gentle. Avoid ingredients that dry and irritate skin (like sulphates, synthetic fragrance).

  • At night, we like a two-step cleanse if you're wearing makeup or sunscreen. First, take off makeup and/or sunscreen with an oil-based cleanser or micellar water. Once makeup and sunscreen are out of the way, wash skin with a gentle face wash right for your skin type.

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02. Moisturize

Moisturizer softens, smooths, hydrates and soothes.

  • Moisturize morning and night, after washing.  Moisturizing immediately after washing helps keep the water in your skin that it just soaked up. If you let that water evaporate, it can be drying.

  • When skin is clean, moisturizer penetrates better. Feed your skin nutrients it can use to function better at the cellular level.

  • Moisturizer works as a protective barrier between your skin and the outside world, keeping irritants out and redness at bay.


03. Sunscreen

Dramatically reduce skin cancer risk. Stop wrinkles before they start. Damage builds up over the years if we don't stop it.

  • Every. Single. Morning

  • After moisturizer, before makeup

  • Choose a zinc oxide-based sunscreen. It gives the best protection, is least likely to irritate even sensitive skin, and comes without the health concerns linked to chemical sunscreens.

  • Around 80% of what we think of as skin aging isn't really aging at all. It is skin damage caused by exposure to daylight.


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